Wiki & Ilona Lee (The founder of Bali Weddings Club):

We are a husband-and-wife team who have been working together professionally for 16 years. It has been a long journey for both of us. We are wedding photographers and videographers. We are capable to do both in the same project. We can totally interchange the position to fit the concept and the style better.

Last Tuesday, we officially called it off.
It is nothing to do with covid-19 situation. We just thought we wanted to see things from different angle of what we’ve been doing in the past years.

Prior to that, let us tell a little bit about us.
We are based in Bali, Indonesia right now since last year. Before, we lived in Sydney and Jakarta over the last 2 decades. We would like to see that we both love challenges when it comes to do things that meet our vision.

Over the years, we’ve operated the wedding photo and video brand The Big Films. In the last 6 years, the mission was simple: to build the young energetic team to combine their youth energy and our extensive experience in making every couples’ stories naturally real in the “rather staged” event like wedding celebration in Indonesia. The idea was so we could embrace more and more happy couples who would cherish their wedding memories.

That was the dream. Oh well it was a false dream. It was rather an impossible project. We’ll share more later about this in the next several posts

That’s how we finally called it quits. We envision that we could still help couples to cherish their wedding memories not from us being the wedding memory-maker. We could act as a different source to achieve the mission. We could be a podcaster/youtuber to share and inspire. That is how we decided to close the curtain of our career as wedding memory-maker after 16 years.


Mandarin Oriental, Riverside, Bangkok, Thailand

production by The Big Films